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The world’s first analog watch with a built-in electrocardiogram to detect atrial fibrillation—anytime.

Expertly conceived. Clinically validated.
Move ECG was developed with the help of cardiologists from renowned institutions.

The easy, always-on way to take an electrocardiogram
Ready whenever you are: if you feel palpitations or an irregular heart rhythm, simply press the side button and place your finger on the bezel. In 30 seconds, your medical-grade ECG is ready.

You can record an ECG with or without your phone nearby—as data can be stored in the watch until the next sync.

How it works
There are two electrodes on the back of the case, and when you press the button to activate the record and place your opposite hand on the ring electrode of the watch, it closes a loop that allows Move ECG to record your heart’s electrical activity.

Why it matters
Move ECG can detect atrial fibrillation—also known as AFib.
It is the most common heart rhythm disorder. AFib can lead to heart failure and is thought to be responsible for up to 30% of strokes.
Detecting it requires an ECG, usually recorded at the doctor’s office—but since AFib can be irregular, the condition is hard to diagnose, as episodes often occur outside of a medical office.

Instant AFib Detection
The Health Mate app provides you with an instant analysis of your heart rhythm and tells you whether it looks normal or shows signs of AFib. If signs are detected, the app will recommend you to get in touch with your doctor.

Follow your activity
It is well known that activity can have a positive impact on cardiovascular health—so Move ECG doubles as a fully-featured Withings activity tracking watch.

Activity tracking
Seamelessy track steps, run, swim and more without having to open the app. Plus, the integrated altimeter measures floors climbed in meters/feet – all to help you to go the extra mile.

Sleep tracking
Simply wear MOve ECG at night and it’ll record your sleep – automatically. In the app, you get a breakdown of your night with light and deep sleep cycles, interruptions, and a sleep score. Plus, the Smart Wake-uo feature picks the perfect time to get you out of bed

Connected GPS
Start a workout session from your watch, and it will leverage your phone’s GPS to map your path, so you can see progress and even share a visual ot your adventures

Waterproof up to 50m
Jump in the pool, wash the dishes or take s shower with confidence: 5ATM is life-proof. Plus, the watch will automatically detect and strack swim sessions.


Ražotājs Withings
Tips Viedie pulksteņi
Krāsa Melna
Svars (g) 31
Izmēri (mm)

38 x 38 x 12.5
Savienošanas veidi

USB porti

Operētājsistēmas (OS) atbalsts Android
Operētājsistēmas (OS) versijas atbalsts Android 6.0 vai jaunāks
iOS 10 vai jaunāks
Savietojamie ražotāji Visi
Savietojamie modeļi Viedtelefoni (ar Bluetooth 4.0)
Ekrāna izmērs (collas) 1.4
Ekrāna tips Nav informācijas
Ekrāna izšķirtspēja Nav informācijas
Baterija (mAh) Nav informācijas
Baterijas darbības laiks Līdz 1 gadam
Uzlādes veids Nav
Īpaša aizsardzība Ūdensizturīgs
Funkcijas Laiks
Soļu skaitītājs
Miega novērošana
Aktivitātes novērošana
Sirds darbības mērītājs
Īpašas atzīmes CR2430 baterija
Ūdensizturība 5 ATM


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