K2 Motorcycle Recording


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The Innovv K2 is a great dual camera system (front and rear cameras) designed for Motorcycles. It is wired into your bike electrics using an easy to use power converter (supplied) that ensures the camera runs seamlessly every time you ride. The camera system comprises of 2 waterproof external cameras that can be mounted anywhere on your bike and a DVR unit that connects to the power system.

The cameras record in 1080p Full HD and has a great mobile app that communicates via wi-fi to adjust all the settings, view live video and download/share the video you record. The System incorporates GPS to track speed and record your rides The DVR accepts Class 10 (and above) SD cards and has continuous loop recording (like car dashcams), a Parking mode that detects bumps and records video there and then and a movement detection system that starts recording when movement is detected. For more information about this awesome camera system for your motorcycle,


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